Featured FARMERS

At the Genesee Store we are passionate about gathering around a table with good food, libations, and lively conversation. This magical setting begins with engagement of our community farmers, ranchers, and artisans who provide the ingredients and inspiration for our culinary direction. 



Genesee Valley Ranch is located in the heart of legendary California gold country, surrounded by the Plumas National Forest. This pristine and historic mountain ranch is the Napa Valley for exquisite beef. The abundant water supply, high elevation, and protected valley provide extraordinary land to raise the world’s most prestigious cattle.

GVR offers 100% purebred Black Wagyu beef, raised on organically grown grass pastures. The result is luxurious and humanely nurtured beef which is remarkably different from its commercially raised counterpart. Like every great luxury where quality is high, the quantity is scarce. As a result, only a few customers a year can enjoy access to GVR beef.

Genesee Valley Ranch respects the land and anticipates the needs of the animals in a holistic way. The result is a balanced beef, bringing together the best of luxury and sustainability.

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Palmaz Vineyards, Napa VAlley

The gardens surrounding Palmaz Vineyards in Napa Valley are host to many year round specialty fair. The unique mild and long growing season allow to grow a wide variety of heirloom vegetables and fruits. Look for them on the menu at the Genesee Store!


Indian Valley Lavender Co, Taylorsville CA

Family owned and operated, Indian Valley Lavender is nestled in along the banks of Indian Creek in the northern Sierra Nevada’s just outside the charming town of Taylorsville. Resting in the rich sandy loam provided by the creek our lavender enjoys a warm and tranquil setting befitting its nature. Plants are hand-planted, hand-cut and hand- weeded. No pesticides or herbicides used. First planting was in the Spring of 2016. Indian Valley Lavender is used for the Genesee Store’s famous Schramel Lavender Lemonade and can also be found in some of our recipes.


Moschetti Coffee Roasters, San Francisco

Moschetti is dedicated to providing the freshest, best tasting, small-batch, slow roasted, specialty coffee. Each batch is individually calibrated to enhance the roasting process, developing peak flavor, and complex sensory profiles. There are no hidden secrets — just premium beans treated with the utmost respect. Moschetti roasts six days a week to ensure optimum freshness, then delivers directly to the Genesee Store.

Stay tuned for so many more to come!